How To Increase Beard Faster And Longer

How To Increase Beard Faster - Hey guys welcome back to our new post so how do you grow your beard faster and longer? That's what I'm gonna talk about in this post and we are starting right now.

How To Increase Beard Faster

Now there's a couple of things that you need to know about a beard and facial hair. Now facial hair can start growing anywhere from your early teens to early 20s late twenties early thirties so it really depends on your genes so unfortunately you cannot really control when your facial hair or your beard starts to grow because it's tied in with your DNA just like the color of your hair or your length or the color of your eyes that being said there are some great tips that will help you to Increase Beard Faster and longer.

How To Increase Beard Growth Faster And Longer

  • The first tip is take the right supplements you gotta take supplements like biotin and fish oil because those supplements will help your beard to grow faster and thicker as well. and hey just so you know I'll add the links of all the products that I'm gonna mention in this post just down here so it's just easier for you to go and check them out. now a good supplement to take is vita beard now vita beard is a really good supplement that will help your beard to grow faster and longer and also thicker check out the link in below the post  just to see the customer reviews from people that have already tried this product.

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  • Number two is exercise more there's a huge link between exercising more increasing your testosterone levels and blood flow and that will help your beard grow faster.

  • Number three is exfoliate your skin you got to get rid of those dead skin cells that clogs your pores and if you have a cleaner face it will just help your beard grow a lot better.

  • Number four is eat the right food the relationship between growing your beard and having a really good healthy diet is very close so you got to eat more good protein and good fats that will really help you to increase beard to grow faster I'm just gonna mention a few specific foods like eggs eggs are rich in protein and they're also a natural source of biotin then there's spinach spinach is really rich in protein calcium magnesium potassium all of which help your beard to grow faster and longer and then there's cinnamon cinnamon is very interesting because it helps the flow of oxygen to your hair follicles which helps your beard to grow a lot better and then there's sweet potatoes sweet potatoes are rich in beta-carotene and then there are oyster and livers and other kind of food that is also good for your beard but that's enough for now let's move on.

  • All right number five please just stop shaving for a month there's a lot of people that believe if you shave every now and then it will help your beard to grow faster but that's not 100% true having a good beard takes patience so let it grow for a month and then just see what you have.

  • Number six is Minoxidil that is very famous across the world for helping men with their facial hair especially helping those kind of hairy patches to look fuller but do your own research about it because there are mixed feelings about this product some people say that they have some weird side effects and some other people say no it's great product so just do your own research.

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  • Number seven is reduce your stress high levels of stress can really stop your hair to grow and even worse you can start to lose your hair to start to adopt healthier ways of thinking and living to reduce those stress levels. I know sometimes life is tough and you cannot always control what happens to you right but you can control how you react to your situations.

  • Number eight is a beard transplant yeah I know it sounds strange but a beard transplant really is something like a last resort now I personally believe people should accept how they look except your genes even if you don't have a full beard because that is what makes you you but it is your choice so I'll leave it with you.

All right just some last advice if you are still young and you want facial hair just to feel a little bit more manly don't worry about it because every guy's hair start to grow at different ages so just relax and just give it some time. also having a beard doesn't make a man more manly a man's character makes him more manly and also most woman out there actually prefers a guy that is clean shaved especially when it comes to kissing.

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